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2700 metres below sea level

Blue holothurians (sea cucumbers) amongst sea lilies together with brilliantly red shrimps and irregular sea urchins were just some of the astonishing creatures that scientists observed when they earlier this autumn they explored the sea bottom down to 2700 metres depths in Nordland VII, an area off the coast of Northern Norway.
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New articles from MAREANO

In the beginning of August (2009) the Norwegian Journal of Geology published a thematic issue with 15 new articles mainly based on results from MAREANO.
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The April 2009 MAREANO cruise

Scientists from the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) have started the April 2009 MAREANO cruise (2009105) aboard the "G.O. Sars". The scientific crew includes Norwegians, French, Danish, Canadian, German, Faroese and Finnish. The northernmost study area is located on the continental shelf, approximately 195 nm north of the Norway coast. The 9000 km2 large study area, covered by the cruise, includes depths ranging from 300 to 1000 meters, and will be mapped for benthic fauna, bottom types and environmental status.
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Biodiversity at great depths

The Norwegian seabed mapping programme, MAREANO, has just finished its fourth cruise off northern Norway with the research vessel G.O. Sars. The target of this cruise is deeper slope areas off the counties of Troms and Nordland. The investigation covers several very different marine landscapes including submarine canyons, coral reefs, moraines, sand dunes and consolidated clay with rough topography.