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Kråkebolle (Pippip Ferner)

Guests on our expedition

On this year’s autumn expedition, in addition to the usual mix of scientists and technicians, we had the pleasure of having two guests. They were the artist Pippip Ferner and the journalism student Silje Pileberg, who hoped to expand their horizons for the benefit of their own projects, while also shedding light on our research in ways that we would be unable to do.

Within the MAREANO programme wealt’re fortunately able to offer outsiders the chance to participate in our expeditions once in a while; sometimes biology or geology students come along, and this time it was Pippip and Silje. Here are their descriptions of the expedition:

•    Adventures above and below deck
•    First time on the “G.O. Sars”


Biological mapping
Børge Holte
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Geological mapping
Terje Thorsnes
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Hanne Hodnesdal
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Communication advisor
Beate Hoddevik Sunnset
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