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Results from ongoing bathymetric surveys

The vessel MS Hydrograf is currently acquiring bathymetry data as part of the MAREANO project. This is a short presentation of some bathymetric features recorded across the Sularevet reef, which has been surveyed this summer.

To date, MS Hydrograf has surveyed the Iverryggen, Sularevet, Onadjupet and Breisunddjupet areas. All these areas have been defined as “sites of special value and vulnerability” (so-called SVOs) as part of the Integrated Management Plan for the Norwegian Sea. At present, surveys are being carried out along the continental escarpment seaward of Mørebanken SVO. Following poor weather at the start of operations in April and during much of May, the vessel’s progress has picked up in June and July.

Map showing the shelf areas off Mid-Norway being surveyed during 2012.

In the following, we present some highlights taken from displays of bathymetric features across the Sularevet SVO. The terrain models have a resolution of 5 x 5 metres.

Shadow relief
Shadow relief shows parts of the seabed topography across the Sularevet reef. Coral colonies are growing on an elongated ridge at a depth of about 300 metres.

Shadow relief
Shadow relief shows details of seabed topography across the Sularevet reef. This display shows areas of the ridge at depths of about 300 metres where the coral colonies are densely packed.

The shadow relief displays above are based on provisional terrain models. This means that the bathymetric data used to generate the models have not been finally processed and verified. The displays show stripe artefacts which follow the tracks of the survey vessel. The reason for this is that data from a given vessel track do not overlap perfectly with those from adjacent tracks. The visibility of these artefacts will be reduced when the data have been processed and the final terrain models prepared.

High resolution terrain models are graduated within the 12 nautical mile territorial boundary. This applies to the Onadjupet area and parts of the Breisunddjupet area.

Bathymetric surveying is also currently being carried out by the vessels MV Fugro Gauss and MV Victor Hensen. Both have carried out surveying in the Norwegian sector of the former disputed area in the Barents Sea. MV Fugro Gauss is currently on its way south to survey the Skjoldsryggen area.

Marine survey vessels
The marine survey vessels MS Hydrograf, MV Fugro Gauss and MV Victor Hensen, which in 2012 are all carrying out survey work as part of the MAREANO project.

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