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Sponge that has ended up at the bottom of a trawl mark

High concentration of trawl marks north of Svalbard


Before surveying the area, scientists expected to find large areas of untouched seabed – and the odd trawl mark left by fishing boats. What they actually found was nothing like that.

Brasil Paneldebatt mareano

MAREANO presented in Brazil


The activities of the MAREANO mapping programme were recently presented at a conference in the Brazilian city of Salvador. As part of developing a new, modern programme for marine spatial management, experts in Brazil want to learn from international actors.

Photo of a Norway lobster on the sea floor.

Crawling with Norway lobsters


Expedition diary: After a few days of extensive exploration of the muddy, sandy plains at our sampling area outside of Utsira, we arrived at a station with exposed rock.


Deep in seapen country


Expedition diary: We have been out here for a few days now and it is clear: we are deep in seapen country!

figure1 top lyst

Above and below


Expedition diary: As we arrive in the north with RV Kronprins Haakon, we are greeted by a brand new white world of icebergs and sea ice. At a first glance this polar desert appears void of life, however, when we take a closer look we find the opposite to be true. We are surrounded by living creatures – both above and below the sea.

launching AUV

Mobilising Munin+ for MAREANO


Expedition diary: And now for something completely different. Standard MAREANO sampling cruises collect biology, geology and chemistry data using video and physical sampling. This cruise is dedicated to exploring new methods, specifically, what MAREANO could gain from the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

Map with marked areas in the North Sea where MAREANO plans to conduct bathymetric mapping in 2022.

Bathymetric Mapping in the North Sea in 2022


In May, the Clinton Marine Survey AB began the bathymetric mapping in parts of the North Sea for the MAREANO programme. Until the beginning of August they will survey 2730 km2.

map model with markings

New Tender for Bathymetric Mapping in 2022


The MAREANO programme plans to conduct bathymetric mapping in the North Sea this year. An invitation to tender for bathymetric mapping is published.