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Tracking the environmental state of the

Modern environmental state and its recent changes can be assessed by studying successions of fine-grained sediments accumulating in shelf basins experiencing very weak or no current. Low current in such basins facilitates continuous deposition, a few millimeters per year, of mud and organic remains that are the main carriers of contamination in the marine environment.
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New sea spider found in Norwegian waters

The sea spider Cilunculus battenae was recently recorded in the Norwegian Economic Zone (NEZ) for the first time, when bottom samples from the MAREANO cruises from 2007-2009 were analysed. So far 21 different species have been found in the samples. Two species have previously been observed in the NEZ a few times.
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Strong Currents and Seabed Habitat Offshore of the Finnmark Coast

The strong currents off the coast of Finnmark are renowned by local seafarers, and our latest observations North of Nordkynnhalvøya are shedding light on what affect these currents are having on the seabed.