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Vårtokt Hovedbilde

Completing the jigsaw puzzle at Kvitøyrenna, Barents Sea


Cruise diary: This April saw MAREANO return to Kvitøyrenna to pick up the missing pieces of our previous sampling campaigns, a first step towards delivering a completed puzzle.

Tokt2 Kvitøyrenna NGU teamet

A geologist’s life onboard R/V «Kronprins Haakon» 


Cruise diary: What’s a typical day onboard like for the geology team on a MAREANO cruise? Alongside the biologists we watch video footage of the seafloor streamed live from the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and log changes in the seabed substrate, from mud to boulders and bedrock.

Map showing areas in the North Sea and the Norwegian Trench that are planned to be bathymetric mapped in 2024, in addition to areas bathymetric mapped in 2023.

Bathymetric Mapping in 2024


This summer the MAREANO programme will conduct bathymetric mapping in the North Sea and the Norwegian Trench, including the possible offshore wind areas “Vestavind F” and “Sørvest F”.

Digital terrain model of the sea bed in the North Sea. Source: The Norwegian Mapping Authority / MAREANO

Bathymetry data from Sørlig Nordsjø 2


Terrain models from the offshore wind area Sørlig Nordsjø 2, both map services and datasets, are published in the Norwegian Mapping Authority's services.