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Reke og risengrynkorall

The Sea in Maps and Pictures

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, contaminants, biotopes and habitats in Norwegian waters.



Gass Fig1 nett

3.3 kilometer high natural gas column


Possibly the world's tallest gas column is flowing from Norway's deepest point. From an ocean depth of 3,900 meters in the Molloydypet west of Svalbard, the gas rises a full 3.3 kilometers upwards in the water.

Boxes at the bottom

Mud, mustard and MAREANO


Cruise diary: We are now at our study area in the deepest part of the Skagerrak to investigate some unusual features on the seabed. After World War II and as late as the 1960s, it was common practice to sink munitions, which were beyond the use-by date, in deep lakes or the sea. 

Sommertokt view from GOSars nett

MAREANO summer cruise on its way


Cruise diary: The MAREANO summer cruise has started full speed with full stations already done in 2 of the 3 planned areas.