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Coral reef

The Sea in Maps and Pictures

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, contaminants, biotopes and habitats in Norwegian waters.


Spits ENG 1 nett

Strong currents shaping the seafloor of Spitsbergenbanken


Cruise diary: When we arrived at Spitsbergenbanken a few days ago, we were met by strong currents. On the seafloor, the currents shape sediments into different types of bedforms, with the most common being ripples, which are centimetres to decimetres high, but also larger bedforms such as sandwaves, or sandbanks which can be more than 10 m high.

Valerie sept 2021 ingress

Spitsbergenbanken from the deep south to the shallow north


Cruise diary: On the last Mareano cruise of the year to Spitsebergenbanken, we had strong winds and 4-5 m high waves south of Hopen. With the video rig parked on the seafloor at 150 m depth, we could observe how suspended sediments and animals living on the seafloor drifted back and forth in the same wave motion as the research vessel G.O. Sars.

Engsept2021 Toppfigur esker nett

Ice age remnants on Spitsbergenbanken


Cruise diary: MAREANO continues its mapping of Spitsbergenbanken and takes a closer look on some of the landforms made when the bank was covered by a thick glacier.