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Coral reef

The Sea in Maps and Pictures

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, contaminants, biotopes and habitats in Norwegian waters.


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Current events at Aktivneset


Cruise diary: After 16 hours transit from Garsholbanken, we arrived at a new sampling area, west of Aktivneset. This place is special as it is located at the outer part of the Norwegian Channel, a channel that starts south of Oslo and curves around Norway, before reaching Aktivneset.

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New Tender for Bathymetric Mapping in 2021


The MAREANO programme will continue the bathymetric mapping in the Barents Sea this year, although only three smaller transects. A new tender competition for bathymetric mapping was published 8 March 2021.

Primnoa Lophelia sei Sklinnab justert  R2293

The MAREANO survey continues to the Sklinna Bank off mid-Norway


Cruise diary: The ongoing MAREANO survey has now moved southwards from the Træna Bank to the Sklinna Bank on the mid-Norwegian shelf. The seafloor terrain here varies more than farther north, and we have found hitherto unregistered cold-water coral reefs.