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Biological data


URL to connect to WMS and WFS server:

For downloading of data go to:
Choose "layer preview" and search for the map layer you want to download. In the box "Select one", go to the very bottom and choose “Shape file”.

Please note: Firefox is recommened when downloading.

Files can also be ordered on

To see the available thematic maps, use the maps clients:

Metadata for some map layers are avalable at

See the IMR map directory for MAREANO if you want an overview of all MAREANO map layers from IMR.

The species database Marbunn

The species database Marbunn gives you access to metadata from cruises and stations surveyed in the Mareano project and the possibility to download this information. It is shown in maps, and can be downloaded in an excel-file.

Search here for species distribution on MAREANO-data, shown on map and by downloading of Excel-information.

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Biological data

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