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New Invitation to Tender for Bathymetric Survey

MAREANO continues with bathymetric mapping in the Barents Sea in 2015. An open procedure of the tender competition for the procurement of Bathymetry data acquisition and processing for the MAREANO programme was published 8 December 2014.

The contract has a value is NOK 38.9 million, with the possibility of options. The deadline for submitting tenders are 21 January 2015.

The announcement was published through Doffin on 8 December and TED on the 11 December 2014.

Read the announcement on Doffin (Norwegian).

Read the announcement on TED (English).

Areas in the Barents Sea

The tender process will decide how large area that will be covered.

The contractor who is assigned shall collect and deliver quality controlled hydrographic survey data to the Norwegian Hydrographic Service.

Figure: Overview of the survey area (pink) in the Barents Sea in 2015.
Overview of the survey area (pink) in the Barents Sea in 2015.

Read more about bathymetric mapping.


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