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How to use the uw-camera

The MAREANO cruise was undertaken to survey the sea floor at Storegga, Norwegian Sea. In order to achieve this we took a multitude of video stations coupled with a few beam trawls, RP nets, grabs and cores.

I have been working for the MAREANO project for over a year now as a sorter, lab assistant and taxonomist and now I got my chance to go out in the field and see how the samples I had been working on were collected. On board I was as a field assistant aiding anyone on my shift with any work that needed doing, but mainly with biological work. The jobs included labeling sample jars, slicing cores, recording organisms seen in the video, collecting and sieving the samples, cleaning the deck, as well as many other small tasks. The short video I shot shows the most common procedure undertaken whilst on the cruise which was the deployment, analysis, and retrieval of the underwater camera named CHIMERA.


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