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R1270VL1309 still e 00 14 36 Gravende tangloppe Neohela i sin hule ytre Mbank 950m

Deepsea ambush

The small crustacean Neohela monstrosa waits patiently in its cave for small animals to pass, so that it can pounce on them and eat them. In the video you can see what happened to a krill that decided to take a breather right outside the cave.

Neohela monstrosa is a small crustacean of the order amphipoda. The smallest amphipods are only 1 mm long, while the biggest can reach lengths of up to 35 cm. They are amongst the most common types of animals on the sea floor. The Neohela monstrosa is relatively common in Norwegian waters, where it is mostly found at depths of at least 300-400 metres. As it needs a cave to live in, it is generally found in areas with soft sediments which allow it to dig a shelter for itself. It feeds on small animals swimming past its cave, while it is in turn preyed upon by fish.


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