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Tender for Bathymetry Mapping to be Published in December

Plans for bathymetry mapping in 2017 and beyond are made, and in early December a new tender invitation for bathymetry mapping will be published.

The MAREANO survey plans for 2017 and beyond are under construction. These outlined plans shall be approved by the steering group within December 1st 2016.

The tender notice for bathymetry mapping for the MAREANO programme will be published early December 2016 at Doffin and TED.

The figure below shows the provisional plans, which are not yet approved.

This information is published to notify potential suppliers.


Hanne Hodnesdal
Mareano at the Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service
Tel.: 51 85 88 23

Sissel Kanstad
communications advisor
Tel.: 51 85 88 28 / 995 13 848