The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

NGU is the government agency responsible for the acquisition, analysis, communication and management of information about the geology of Norway.

Here you will find information on map services and downloadable datasets available from NGU. Marine-based information includes data from the national seabed mapping programme MAREANO as well as other projects from coastal and offshore areas.

Should you require access to any other geological data, please contact NGU directly:


Institute of Marine Research
Order data
55 23 53 43

Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service
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Kartverket sjødivisjonen
51 85 88 23

Norges geologiske undersøkelse
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Norges geologiske undersøkelse (NGU)
73 90 42 75
908 61 113

Beate Hoddevik
Institute of Marine Research
55 23 85 16
908 21 630