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During 2017 MAREANO will have activities in areas both around Svalbard, in the western- and the eastern parts of the Barents Sea. Bathymetric mapping is to be accomplished in Svalbard area, both the continental shelf to the west, north and northeast of the archipelago as well as the fjords Kongsfjord and Rijpfjord. Further, there will be more mapping in the Mareano East area (in vicinity of the Norwegian-Russian agreed delimitation line east in the Barents Sea) in addition to a transect route from Bear Island and into the deeper waters down the continental shelf. This can be summed up to 8120 km2 of bathymetric mapping in 2017.

The other major activities in MAREANO is the geological, biological and chemical sampling program. In 2017 sampling is to be done in the following areas: Mareano East and a transect route from north of Northcape (Norway mainland) to Southcape (Spitsbergen island). Altogether, this will cover 26939 km2 with geo-, bio- and chemistry sampling.