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In 2016 MAREANO will mainly have activities in the western and the eastern waters of the Barents Sea (close to the Norwegian-Russian agreed delimitation line).

Concerning the bathymetric mapping, this will be done along a transect route from north of Northcape (Norway mainland) to Southcape (Spitsbergen island) as well as in the Mareano East area (in vicinity of the Norwegian-Russian agreed delimitation line, east in the Barents Sea) All in all this sum up to a mapped area of 7168 km2 in 2016.

The second activity in MAREANO is the geological, biological- and chemical sampling. As usual this sampling takes place in the areas that was bathymetrical sampled previous year. However, in 2016 geo-, bio-, and chemical sampling was only done along the transect route Bjørnøyrenna-Kong Karls Land (central Barents Sea) due to difficulties in access to available research vessel. Thus, sampling in 2016 sum up to 5850 km2. Along this transect route it is expected that we go from sub-arctic to arctic water masses as the transect lies in the Polar front area.