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Depth measurements undertaken in 2015 are to be carried out in the Barents Sea, i.e. in the new Norwegian area up to the shelf border with Russia, as well as in the transect route from Bjørnøydjupet to Kong Karls Land east of Spitsbergen. In the Norwegian Sea, depth measurements will take place at Aktivneset and Stadhavet, respectively west and south of the Mørebank. Altogether, the depth measurements in 2015 will cover 9915 km2.

Regarding geological, biological and chemical sampling, areas in the Norwegian Sea to be surveyed comprise the slope north and south of Skjoldryggen, and a narrow "strip" on top of the slope at Storegga Nord. Altogether, field surveys will take place over an area of 7130 km2. In addition, an area of 12000 km2 is to be surveyed in the Barents Sea east towards the new shelf border between Russia and Norway.

In 2015 MAREANO will continue the preparation of data collected during the 2012–2014 fields surveys.